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SX100 IS

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Re: SX100 IS
« Reply #10 on: 13 / January / 2008, 08:17:05 »
Hello all,

I grabbed. It is OK.

Technical details:,17.msg2038.html#msg2038

The firmware itself

Is is an SX100 1.00B, the OS is: "DRYOS version 2.3, release #0023"

If you need, I will upload the DISKBOOT.BIN and the ADC and DEC (dec has not been changed at all).
ADC and DEC is available (for me) in Linux only as executable... and of course the src as well!

The blinking process was 2 and a half hours. The "soundfile" became 700M. (again 96K sample freq. , mono, 8 bit). I use GoldWave, because it is small and efficient, and I use is for 10 years now (very rarely). With it, 2-3 hours is nothing...

The "hardware" is what I used.
- a more than 25 years old phototransistor, I could not find any info from it in the net. Make sure do not use the BASE leg (if there is), and it is working in one way MUCH better than the other way (in theory, because I did not try the other way) so emitter / collector are not interchangeable.
- a bad cheap headphone (the mic part was bad anyway, but not the wires or the plug)
- Around the phototransistor, I used blue-tag (which was white in this case) to hold the proper position AND DIRECTION the transistor.
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Re: SX100 IS
« Reply #11 on: 13 / January / 2008, 17:15:04 »
Hello all,

I packed everything together.

I stripped all the executables (except DISKBOOT.BIN) because I do not have compiler for Win, and executable for Linux if you have src is meaningless).

I just qurious about that we have (theoretically) 3 versions 1.00A, 1.00B and 1.00C.
What is the difference?

GrAnd, if you wish, you could put next to the others.... I mean.
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Re: SX100 IS
« Reply #12 on: 02 / February / 2008, 05:40:08 »

 Hi people.

 I just bought a sx 100is and i'd like to be able to shot raw with it...
 Any progress on this ?

Re: SX100 IS
« Reply #13 on: 05 / February / 2008, 05:07:00 »
Hi all,

I'm impressed with all your work. What's about the SX100 ? Is anybody working on it ? What could I do to help ? Could 720IS be the same ?

Re: SX100 IS
« Reply #14 on: 10 / February / 2008, 10:24:19 »
Has some one checked the A720  build?

Re: SX100 IS
« Reply #15 on: 11 / February / 2008, 12:44:30 »
I have dissasembled the firmware dump and resolved the names of procedures. Can someone continue
with that, because I have no experience with DryOS porting and I don't own a Canon SX 100.

canonsx100-1.00b-romdata_feb11.idb - 7.22MB


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Re: SX100 IS
« Reply #16 on: 16 / February / 2008, 10:33:24 »
Hey folks...

Apparently mine is also a 1.00C unit.

Code: [Select]
Canon Powershot SX100 IS
P-ID:315E NT D

Firmware Ver GM1.00C
Aug 29 2007   15:27:50

Adj Ver.009.005

Total Shoot  :1285
Open Shutter :0
Close Shutter:0

Thanks to VMark for the SX100 specific blink package, adc/dec compiled and dumped easily under MinGW32. If the addresses are wrong blame him. :P The flashy-flashy capture bit took 2:15. I dumped it twice, the better of the two, adc generated 3 sync errors, and dec had no errors at all. Sound like a good dump?

cannon_sx100_firmware_100c_anaglyphic_dump.dat.bz2 - 1.66MB

Also for those that can't / won't compile for Windows, here are the binaries: - 11kB. (VMark feel free to add these to your SX100 package, they are MinGW32 console builds.)

martinF - could you (or anyone with the tools & ability) disassemble this one also? IDA Pro Free doesn't support it.
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Re: SX100 IS
« Reply #17 on: 16 / February / 2008, 13:02:20 »
 Cool some progress...

 What needs to be done after this ?
 If there's anything i can do to help...

Re: SX100 IS
« Reply #18 on: 19 / February / 2008, 08:34:28 »
Hoooray for you, Anaglyphic!!!!   I have 1.00C and was hoping someone would get a dump of it.  Thank you.

Re: SX100 IS
« Reply #19 on: 11 / March / 2008, 13:54:01 »
Hello all,

I will add Anaglyphic's Win32 console progies ::) and chech the difference between 1.00B and 1.00C.
Nowadays I had no time to play with my camera/firmware, another home project got focus, but sooner-later I will came back.
Anyway, the firmware of A720IS is quite similar to ours or at least much more similar then S5IS's.

IDA Pro Free doesn's support processors other than Intel386+ as I remember well.


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