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CHDK for PowerShot SD770 IS/DIGITAL IXUS 85 IS: Update: Pg2 RAW in 12bit

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I spent hours looking through and tweaking the code and disassembly trying to fix the bug with continuous shooting with no luck. I have some experience programming but not with assembly or CHDK, so I have no idea what I should be looking for. Does anyone have some pointers for fixing this bug and finishing the port?
Very nice that you are looking into the code! It's good someone is looking again at the code. I have the feeling that a lot of work has already been done and that most work now lies in resolving some bugs. Therefore it would be a pity if no one would continue to work on this firmware. Unfortunately I can not help you with the continuous shooting bug.

If it is not too much too ask, can you look into the bug I posted earlier:

Just found another problem with the diskboot.bin from msg44399: when the flash is used when shooting a picture, the camera crashes  ???.
This makes the firmware not very usable for me at the moment: I always have to make sure the flash is off and there needs to be enough light when I want to take a picture. Or am I the only one encountering this bug? If you managed to improve the current firmware by pedropaislopes, can you post it so we can test it?

Again, much appreciated for looking into the code!

Hello everybody!

After a very very long delay I managed to work again with CHDK. The file attached is from version 0.9.9 and it seems to correct the flash and custom white balance bug. Please test it!

I will try to fix the problem related to continuous shooting.


And here we go with another file. I think that it is working fine now, even for continuous shooting!

I will post the complete source-code the next week. I have to construct the .diff file again.

Please let me know if it is working (or not working) fine.

EDIT: in case that something goes wrong with my computer, the only file that I've changed, based on the last source code posted here, is

chdk/plataform/ixus85_sd770/sub/100a/capt_seq.c (attached)
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Everything appears to be working 100%! Continuous, flash, custom WB, and everything that worked before is working great now :)
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Great news pedropaislopes!!!

Thanks for your work on the IXUS 85!

I am looking forward to test the latest version. Hopefully I have some time this sunday, then I'll post the results. But AK49BWL's message looks promising.

Much appreciated pedropaislopes.


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Thank you so much pedropaislopes!  I have been watching this forum for a while hoping that someone would get a working version (I would have no idea where to start  :blink:)
I installed your Beta version today , it took minutes to do and it's awesome, So much more functionality you guys are true heroes. I was considering an expensive camera upgrade,  but not now.
Many Thanks

Chris  :-*

Newest version seems to work ok! Thanks pedropaislopes.

I'm trying the continuous mode bracketing, as explained on I used the settings as explained in that tutorial. However, I'd think that with these settings it would shoot 3 shots when I press the shoot button. But that does not seem to be the case. When I hold the shoot button it continues to shoot multiple images (at different EV), but it makes a number of shots (last time it were 7 shots). Am I doing something wrong or it supposed to work like this?


the CHDK_for_dummies explain the CHDK part, but you have to prepare your camera to took three pictures (or more, or less). The correct mode is "timer clock C" (the last one in the list containing single shot, continuous shot, etc). Then press "Menu" to configure 3 shots with 1 second delay between shots. Press and release the shoot button: the camera will wait for a moment and then will take the number of shots configured.

I've tested and it took 3 shots (or the number that I've configured). In "pure" continuous shoot mode the camera will take pictures WHILE you press the shoot button.

Let me know if it worked ok!

Thanks for the explanation pedropaislopes! It works fine now :).

Now i've got to find some nice objects to photograph...  ::)


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I'm quite happy to see that there's still some people working on this project  :P. Thank you very much!
I have no programming knowledge, but I'm going to test this version right now.

Maybe it's a stupid question, but would there be any way to control aperture in our model, or can't it be adjusted on IXUS 85 IS?


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