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Re: A460?
« Reply #30 on: 21 / February / 2008, 02:48:51 »
override iso   exif iso
1600             2500
800              1250
400                640
200                320
100                160
50                   80
This is probably caused by the fact that ISO override function uses "real" ISO and original firmware writes "market" ISO to EXIF.
Note that "market" ISO values are used in Canon original ISO settings.
The difference between "real" and "market" ISO is described here : CHDK firmware usage/AllBest - CHDK Wiki

"flash-lamp" not able to overwrite with language-file Line 72
This function is not same as original Flash-light.
I do not include any of myself added menuitems into language file. All my own strings are hardcoded.

"flash-lamp" is activated/deactivated directly from alt-menu.

original "Flash-light" description:
Turns your LCD panel into a flashlight! When in Record Mode and the LCD panel is swiveled facing forward, the LCD display turns all-white so you can see your way around in the dark, or to illuminate some close object to photograph. (Note: In actual use this does not work for photography purposes. The LCD turns dark during the actual exposure. But if you are ever lost on a hiking-trail on some dark and gloomy night, won't you be glad that your camera might save you? :-) )

I think, the A460 use Digic-III Properties. I'm testing for examble:
 6   Focus Mode
49  Whell Mode
57  Picture Quality
92  DigiZoom Pixel Wide
95  Digi Zoom

Yes, you're right.
Though A460 is Digic-II based camera, it uses Digic-III property cases.

That's all for now.

Re: A460?
« Reply #31 on: 21 / February / 2008, 05:11:09 »
Are you planning to publish source files for A460 as well?

A friend and myself have sent you a number of personal messages about this but you have not replied.

Maybe you are not receiving messages for some reason.

Can you post the source-files of your latest build somewhere ?




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Re: A460?
« Reply #32 on: 21 / February / 2008, 14:20:04 »
Hi  :xmas
here is the link for final (beta05) binaries for A460 1.00D : zSHARE - a460-100d-bin-b05.zip

It is based on Allbest's build #34, with some modifications.

Note that there is 'ND filter override' used instead of 'Av override'.
There is also implemented "MF" focus mode (used from latest Allbest build).

Keys setting :
//Alt mode
//Half press shoot button
//Alt mode & Manual mode 
// KEY_DISPLAY used for subj_dist_override_koef change
// KEY_LEFT/KEY_RIGHT used for subj_dist_override_value change

USB remote control should be fully working now.

For those who are interested in source code, it is attached (for A460-100d, A710-100a and A570-101a).

Enjoy !
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Re: A460?
« Reply #33 on: 21 / February / 2008, 23:52:05 »
rapid progress  :)

I'm going to test the new version
I want to test the USB remote control :)

Thanks brabl2
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A460 for trunk-r306
« Reply #34 on: 22 / February / 2008, 10:56:24 »

I prepared A460 source code based on trunk r306 (without my own modifications), binaries are also included.
Please, can someone from developers add files to the trunk.

If you have any questions, let me know.

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Re: A460?
« Reply #35 on: 04 / March / 2008, 11:09:22 »

First of all, let me say that I am fascinated by CHDK, so: thanks to everyone involved in the project!
You probably guessed that I'm a newbie here: I stumbled across CHDK by accident, a month (or so) ago.

Anyway, a few days ago I loaded Pavel's (beta 5) CHDK build into my Canon, and it worked... More or less, anyway.
Scripts wouldn't do much "out of the box", besides shutting the camera down.

Now, generally, scripts wouldn't be a problem; I could easily modify them, but the very command that is supposed to do most of the magic, the 'shoot' command, behaves oddly.

Instead of metering, focusing and  shooting, it just meters, focuses and marks the AiAF focusing area(s), but nothing further, I'm affraid. Turning AiAF off, doesn't improve a thing...

Strangely enough, click/press "shoot_half" apparently does nothing at all, while click/press "shoot_full" takes the picture, not bothering to measure the light - just as advertised. (I tested all of this by means of few very simple three-line-sctipts I wrote)

Also, turning the built-in flash on (in either mode) prevents even the click/press "shoot_full" from working.

Vers.req shows this data:

Canon A460
P-ID:3149 PAL-V
Firmware ver. GM1.00D
Adj ver.009.005

Tested w/SanDisk 1G SD card and the supplied canon 16MB MMC

Did anyone encounter similar problems? Is there a workaround? What to do, where to go :) ?
Please, help...

Thank you all for bearing with me this far!
Cheers! Ino


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Re: A460?
« Reply #36 on: 04 / March / 2008, 15:45:18 »

here is the fix for not working 'shoot' command.
zSHARE - a460-100d-bin-b06.zip

The bug was related to my personal build, so A460 sources in the trunk are not affected.



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Re: A460?
« Reply #37 on: 04 / March / 2008, 16:54:05 »
Thank you kindly! "Shoot" shoots, just as it should :)

Best regards,
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Re: A460?
« Reply #38 on: 27 / April / 2008, 01:03:08 »
Hi, I'm from Brazil. I updated the my A460 with the bin version b06. I habilited the Raw format with the name IMG... and extension CRW. The Photoshop CS3 and Adobe Camera Raw return to me the error: not valid document (or equivalent).

What I do?

I work with Canon XTi (400d) in RAW format and I don't have problems

Other question: It's possible to control aperture or velocity with any hack?

The last one: where's the list from scripts to Canon A460?

Thank you everybody.
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Re: A460?
« Reply #39 on: 27 / April / 2008, 01:19:35 »


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