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CHDK for SD870 IS?

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CHDK for SD870 IS?
« on: 26 / March / 2008, 23:18:36 »
Pardon me for asking, but is there actually a version for the SD870IS (IXUS860)? The Wiki lists the camera under supported cameras on the main page, but Index of /hdk/autobuild/ has a zip file that only contains DISKBOOT.BIN, no firmware file (that is why it is so small). I presume something is going wrong in compiling it, or it does not actually exist. The other recommended site does not have any version for these cameras. Is there  a version that works?  I had CHDK on my SD1000 and loved it, checked the wiki for support before buying my new 870, oops! Thanks!

Edit: Ah, I should have looked at the FAQ more closely, I see that this has to be placed on a bootable SD card, that is why there is only one file. I should be able to get it going then, sorry about that.
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