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Title: I cant take photos :S
Post by: Jandro on 16 / February / 2010, 14:43:16
Hi all

since 2 days ago I could instal the famous software in my memory, and... its work, but... I dont know how take a picture! (LoL), I go to the Main Menu/Extra Photo Operations and I can see a lot of things like Shutter speed, ISO value, and more. but I cant take a photo with the values that I give, what I have to do!? please help me

PS: since I installed the software, my camera is a little more slow, happens to you the same?
PS2: sorry for my english =)

Title: Re: I cant take photos :S
Post by: whim on 16 / February / 2010, 15:35:03
Hi, Jandro, welcome to the forum !

- first make your settings in the menu
- close the menu (this will save your settings)
- leave <Alt> mode (at bottom screen <Alt> disappears)
- if the camera is in shooting (not review) you can now take pictures

two other remarks:
- there's no need to set your entire message in bold
- please always mention your camera model (and firmware if relevant) when posting,
  CHDK supports 50 cameras and over 100 firmwares. Many people prefer to add their camera
  data to their Personal Text or Signature (see Profile -> Forum Profile Information)

Have fun with CHDK,

Title: Re: I cant take photos :S
Post by: Jandro on 16 / February / 2010, 16:09:33
Title: Re: I cant take photos :S
Post by: whim on 17 / February / 2010, 06:15:34

It is probably a good idea to download the User Guide (see my signature)
The override section is at pages 8 .. 10
As you can see there, you will have to set both the "Override ISO Value" and the "Value Factor"

- Note that the camera will ignore ISO settings that it can not handle. Camera capabilities overview is
   here: ( Unfortunately no data are available for
   A470, but data for other camera's will give you an idea of what is possible

- AFAIK the Canon software will not show 'your' ISO in the EXIF data, to actually see the values CHDK applies, make them
   show in the CHDK display:
   go to Miscellaneous Values -> Show 'real' ISO or Show 'market' ISO (User guide page 30)

Hope that helps (a little)