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Albest's build (Overview)

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Albest's build (Overview)
« on: 06 / December / 2007, 16:27:36 »
This build contains all the features which are available until now (all but stereo data) and many more - The first choice at the moment ...

This Article is quite old now - Find out more about the new features and how to use them here: CHDK firmware usage/AllBest - CHDK Wiki

Features: (v.11) Dez-14
+Implemented new features from EWAVR (Corrected IXUS800 shooting tables. +OSD does not appear when Canon menu is active)
+Some changes in the algorithm of setting ISO (bracketing now should work correctly in all modes)
+Possibility to set manual focus distance by left and right keys (it changes the value factor) and by zoom in, zoom out keys (it sets values ) in alt mode
+some minor improvements (changed names of some menu items to more understandable one, bracketing type is now displayed)

Can do : All CHDK features +
"Extra Photo Operations":
+Override ISO settings
+Override shutter speed value
+Override aperture value
+Bracketing in continuous mode
+ISO bracketing
+Subj.distance bracket
+Show 'real' ISO
+Show Zoom

and many many more -> see,101.0.html

available for these models:

Latest versions can be found at
or here
Index of /chdk/
or sometimes here
Index of /hdk/latest/

(it appears there's been no agreed upon place yet, so many work on it at the same time)

don't forget to download the language file and copy it to the lang directory on your card
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Re: Albest's build (Overview)
« Reply #1 on: 30 / September / 2008, 21:46:04 »
I have a Canon S5 Is with the "b" firmware.

I've been using for a few days.

Problems occured as I changed options over a few days.

The CHDK histogram never worked.  I did shutoff the Canon
histogram, but the CHDK histogram never appeared.

I later adjusted several options such as "shutter volume,"
moving battery icon, moving "storage left" icon.  All of
this was done in AUTO mode.

When I went to PROGRAM mode, selecting ALT caused the ALT
icon not to appear, but then pressing the MENU button would
cause the ALT menu to appear without text.

It could be a coincidence, but a blue "hot pixel" suddenly
appeared in the LCD.

So, I deleted the CHDK.GFG file.  This put the camera back to
the same point as when I first loaded CHDK.

So, I deleted everything on the card.  Then I installed

No matter what I did, the ALT menu did not appear.

Oh, the "hot blue pixel" disappeared.

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Re: Albest's build (Overview)
« Reply #2 on: 30 / September / 2008, 22:16:21 »
So, I deleted everything on the card.  Then I installed

No matter what I did, the ALT menu did not appear.

While "working" the camera I got:

"raw warning threshold." I don't understand what this is

What is that "upsided-down U looking thing" next to VIV in
the upper-right?

What is "opt" with a degree sign?


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Re: Albest's build (Overview)
« Reply #3 on: 30 / September / 2008, 22:27:55 »
First of all: Wrong thread. You would have been better off with opening a new one for those issues.

Then, read those:

CHDK for Dummies - CHDK Wiki

Maybe this: CHDK/MoreBest - CHDK Wiki

The raw warning is just a little tool which informs you that theres not much space left on your sd card. At which threshold it will warn, or if it warns at all, is configurable.

"Opt" is the temperature of some part related to the optics. Could be the temperature of the zoom or autofocus motor.

Re: Albest's build (Overview)
« Reply #4 on: 04 / October / 2008, 22:18:27 »
I must say, I'm having one heck of a time discovering what this forum
reguardes as a "release."

There is a topic called "CHDK Releases," yet there is no "Juciphox",
"owen's" "Ewavr" builds, eventhough these are mentioned on the
 <a href="Error.

It appears to me that there is a disconnect.  I'm not willing to fix it
since I have no idea who caused this stupidy.



Re: Albest's build (Overview)
« Reply #5 on: 05 / October / 2008, 02:57:32 »
I have had no problems with CHDK.

The developer's are very tolerant; more tolerant than me.

Maybe you should read the wiki documentation.


I suppose you want a roll of toilet paper!!!!!!


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Re: Albest's build (Overview)
« Reply #6 on: 05 / October / 2008, 03:58:20 »
I must say, I'm having one heck of a time discovering what this forum
reguardes as a "release."

Compared to many other projects, strictly speaking there are no CHDK releases any more, just nightly builds off the version control repository. That's the current release, and it updates every night with the changes that were made during the day (if any) and is available on a couple of autobuild websites.

In addition to that there are some special development test builds (evawr a710 and dataghost to name two) that you don't need to care about.

And then there are old releases/builds, named by the people who used to make them. The added functionality from those builds has long since been integrated to mainstream CHDK, making them obsolete for the most of us. This forum still has sections for many of those old builds. They are of course still usable for the very limited number of camera models that they support (if you can find them), but lack many newer features. Allbest's build (which is what this forum section is about), was obsoleted very recently. The allbest build used to be the mainstream CHDK flavour before juciphox replaced it a couple of weeks ago.


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