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Smarter built-in bracketing (metering, combine types ?)

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Smarter built-in bracketing (metering, combine types ?)
« on: 18 / June / 2013, 20:25:07 »
for bracketing smarter allocation of +/- so that less under/overexposure
and perhaps with  (devs if you want)
different modes depending on what you are trying to do

or chaining Tv/av/iso bracketing 
tv bracketing mainly  esp if don't want av to change how focusing works

avoid overly long exposures
if indoor,  avoid  exposure shutter shorter than 1/60 to avoid  electric-light flicker
if in places with bright tiny light-sources, needs to detect that to extend further into dim range

some way to meter the scene maybe measure brightness similar to motion detection
also using information form the subsequent brackets to refine

maybe weighing functions also taking into account how long those shots take

if hand-held, avoid overly long shutter times  else super blurry shots
if tripod, minimize ISO

for dim-brackets, ISO/av/tv overrides all need to be in place to extend range to minimize overexposure

for focus bracketing maybe use file size
and maybe exclusion ranges to avoid going over
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Re: Smarter built-in bracketing
« Reply #1 on: 19 / June / 2013, 04:22:07 »
No chance:
But that's the best part about CHDK scripting - if you don't like how it works or need an additional feature - change it!  I think reyalp deserves a lot of credit for holding the line on limiting "built-in" functionality.  We don't have a lot of application code that can't be changed by the end users (especially as we have a real programming language in Lua rather than just a script language in uBASIC).
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Re: Smarter built-in bracketing (metering, combine types ?)
« Reply #2 on: 25 / June / 2013, 20:25:09 »
Maybe also an option to loop back to normal exposure
when exposure if fully under/over exposed so it dynamic range in scene is shallow
becomes a hybrid of continuous shooting and bracketing
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Re: Smarter built-in bracketing (metering, combine types ?)
« Reply #3 on: 12 / September / 2013, 20:19:18 »
also there's a bug for long-exposures:
if has a risk of triggering an exposure above the max-chdk-super-limit
and then triggers an error and shuts down

if there is an option to choose whether to
clip-to max exposure
 (so bright images stay at that exposure)
or have a user-set limit to not longer than that limt but
 split that into multiple more manageable exposures
or loop to  dim exposures or then back to original

it is a waste to do long duration photos that
when the whole picture is white (clipped) with little/no data


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