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Can't Load Scripts

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Can't Load Scripts
« on: 19 / June / 2013, 20:00:09 »
I'm using an IXUS115 / ELPH100HS on 101.b, and I wanted to use a script that requires the development build:


When I go to the Scripts Menu, and press SET on Load Scripts from File, nothing happens. I think, based on videos I've found, another menu should pop up when I do this, correct?

If I just press the shutter regardless, I get "Fail to load lua.flt: File not found."
It says I'm in the Default script.

Any ideas?


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Re: Can't Load Scripts
« Reply #1 on: 19 / June / 2013, 21:14:16 »
It sounds like you didn't get all the files from the zip installed correctly.
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Re: Can't Load Scripts
« Reply #2 on: 19 / June / 2013, 22:01:18 »
I'm using SDMInst for OSX to install, and following the instructions in the installation guide:

I was using a 32gb card and making 2 FAT16 partitions, but that wasn't working. I WAS able to get it working with a 2gb card + single partition. Additionally, when I booted with that, I saw the actualy CHDK logo graphic on boot up, and the graphic icons next to all the menu items. Before, I hadn't seen anything.

I need to get that 32gb card to work, though. I suspect SDMInst isn't placing the files into the different partitions correctly, because the Installation Guide says only DISKBOOT.BIN should be in one of the partitions.

Take a look at the attached screenshots and let me know if that looks OK. Or if you can point me to an explanation of how everything should look with 2 partitions, that would be great!  :D

Re: Can't Load Scripts
« Reply #3 on: 19 / June / 2013, 22:31:43 »
The IXUS115_ELPH100 was release in March 2011 and can boot from a FAT32 partition.  The use of a dual partition SD card is not needed or supported.

Unfortunately there is a lot of old CHDK documentation still in circulation that no longer applies. 

The current definitive source for CHDK setup is here :
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Re: Can't Load Scripts
« Reply #4 on: 20 / June / 2013, 01:14:54 »
Oh, ok. Thanks.

I actually was doing 32gb 1 partition initially, but it didn't work initially. I got it to work now though! I think my problem may have been needing to format the card in-camera before uploading new CHDK files with SDMInst.


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Re: Can't Load Scripts
« Reply #5 on: 20 / June / 2013, 03:21:10 »
Actually if you had used my Stick app instead of SDMInst, I think things would have gone better. Because stick knows what camera you have it deals with issues like booting from fat32.

PS meant to say stick, but it's so hot here in Italy (35+) that my brain is overheating!
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Re: Can't Load Scripts
« Reply #6 on: 20 / June / 2013, 08:07:26 »
Actually if you had used my ASSIST app instead of SDMInst, ...
I asssume you mean STICK ?
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