New to CHDK - Pictures every x seconds with autofocus? Camera Recommendation?

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Hello, I am new to CHDK and would like to ask some basic questions please.

1.  I am looking for a CHDK camera that will take pictures every 2 seconds (adjustable time delay) until I press stop or the memory card is full (without having to be operating the camera, ie just press start and walk away).  Is this possible with CHDK?

2.  If the above works, when the camera shoots pictures, does it auto focus first (ie so the picture is not blurry)?

3.  Any recommendations for an affordable (ie under $200) Cannon Powershot camera that is small, light (must be a light camera) that does the above great? 

Thank you for your help :)

1. Yes, this is exactly what you get using the tiny script you already have got with CHDK - interval.bas (or interval.lua, they do the same).

2. This script only cares about taking photo each x seconds and you set the x in the menu. All the rest are like you set in camera - you can set your camera in AF mode and it will do auto focus:)

3. People are usually aware to recommend any cam - just google for Cannon powershot, take a look which one is good for you. Then check on CHDK wikia, what states about this particular camera. Here is the link resource:
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