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CHDK for Canon A4000IS???

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CHDK for Canon A4000IS???
« on: 28 / June / 2013, 08:55:21 »
Can someone please help me? I thought this was going to be simple. I recently bought a Canon P&S A4000IS. Before purchasing I looked up on this website to see if CHDK was available. I saw it listed as versions 1.01A and 1.01B. After purchasing the camera and spending time getting familiar with it. I tried to download CHDK using STICK. The message sent back by STICK said that CHDK is not available for this camera.

Can someone tell me if CHDK is available for a Canon A4000IS and what I need to do to load it onto my camera?




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Re: CHDK for Canon A4000IS???
« Reply #1 on: 28 / June / 2013, 10:44:38 »
What firmware version has your camera? CHDK is only available for the A4000 1.00c, 1.01a, 1.01b and 1.02a. There is no autobuild for the 1.00c version. You must ask in the A4000 porting thread:



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