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The new two-stage auto ISO function - some facts & questions

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Re: The new two-stage auto ISO function - some facts & questions
« Reply #10 on: 06 / July / 2013, 12:24:26 »
Modified the menu to look like this :

Changes are :
1) Reworded some entries to hopefully improve clarity of function
2) Deleted the (x10) mechanism - ISO values are now displayed & adjusted with full digit precision
3) Moved the Max ISO High to be under Max ISO
4) Default values for Fallback ISO and Exposure Compensation are now "OFF"
5) I've converted the SX230, SX240 and SX260 to use the same configuration as all other cameras. 
6) All cameras will now use "real" ISO values rather than "market" ISO values for all GUI functions.
7) The use of market ISO and of exposure compenstation in all modes is still in the code but not enabled for any camera.   If somebody really wants these features, an edit to platform_camera.h and a rebuild is all it will take.

I guess it would be nice to have the User Factor and IS factor values "greyed out" if minumum shutter speed is not set to AUTO.   Same for Fallback Max ISO if Fallback Min. Shutter Speed is set to OFF.

I'm going to post this patch file and move onto the whole "lets get rid of real ISO in the GUI" conversation.

Update : CCHDK2.CFG needs to be reset to get new defaults - especially the revise ISO values (no x10 anymore)
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