Remote USB trigger -start and stop script

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Remote USB trigger -start and stop script
« on: 06 / July / 2013, 00:21:36 »
camera: canon sd780
Usb remote trigger: usb 2.0 (red and black wire only) + Eflight EFLA600
usb trigger is connected to a RC receiver (5 volts)

Dear CHDK users,

I´m new on scripts and would like some help to work out a script to be used with my usb cable trigger.

Pressing the shutter bottom with my finger, the evolometro2.bas (attached) works very well, but  i´m not sure how to modify it to start and stop the script using my usb remote trigger.

I tried the example "remote1" and it works fine but i can´t figure out how to adjust the evolometro2 to work in the same manner.

Thank you for your help,


Re: Remote USB trigger -start and stop script
« Reply #1 on: 06 / July / 2013, 15:33:19 »
This should do it for you.  Added a few other refinements too that should help it work better for you.
Code: [Select]
@title Evolo Metro v2
@param a Interval in Sec
@default a 2

print "started - going to shoot mode"
if get_mode = 0 then goto "in_rec"
  sleep 1000
  set_record 1
  sleep 100
  if get_mode <> 0 then goto "wait_rec"

print "setting focus"
set_focus x

print "enabling USB port"
set_config_value 121 1

while 1
  if is_pressed "remote" then
    print "shooting"
    press "shoot_half"
    sleep 800 
    press "shoot_full"
    sleep 700
    release "shoot_full"
    release "shoot_half"
    sleep a*1000
    print "waiting for remote"
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Re: Remote USB trigger -start and stop script
« Reply #2 on: 08 / July / 2013, 15:44:52 »
Hello WaterwingZ,

I just tried and it works just as I wanted, thanks a lot!!




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