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How to see raw RAW image?

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Re: How to see raw RAW image?
« Reply #10 on: 13 / April / 2008, 14:32:55 »
That would make complete sense to me, thunderstorm... And therefore what I said would be correct with the exception that the resolution couldn't be increased but instead the sharpness of a greyscale image could be improved by converting from raw to greyscale directly instead of doing it via an interpolated rgb.

Re: How to see raw RAW image?
« Reply #11 on: 14 / April / 2008, 18:15:23 »
In fact, that means that EVERY DIGITAL camera in it's full color resolution is interpolated, the thus, saying that having an 4000x3000pixels out of 12Mpixel sensor is simply a fake, and reminds me of the first years of digital cameras, where companies stated the interpolated resolution of the camera instead of it's true sensor resolution. :)

You can simply approve what i'm saying by shooting a RAW image and look at the softness of pixels at 100% crop at 1:1 zoom.

You should look into superresolution and noise stacking. You can basically retrieve 12M real pixels by stacking several RAWs. So you can have poor and rich pictures of 12mpx depending on ISO, noise removal and stacking. Whenever I zoom into my 7mpx RAWs, I feel a slight laughing impulse....

Foveon sensors advertised as 10 megapixels, have only 3.4 megapixels, but they are stacked. You get the 10mpx CCD quality, but at the same time a true 3.4 megapixels image, where each pixel has independent color values.

Has anyone found a good RAW noise removal software?
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Re: How to see raw RAW image?
« Reply #12 on: 14 / April / 2008, 18:31:50 »
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Re: How to see raw RAW image?
« Reply #13 on: 14 / April / 2008, 22:28:39 »
Colour values for non-present RGB components are interpolated using routines that can vary from simple math to something more sophisticated. In any case, two thirds of colour information was not there in the beginning, pixel content is guessed. If you convert to B&W directly from RAW, you are not guessing, you are just reading the luminance information. And, do not forget that you can play with any of R, G or B values by multiplying with conversion factor to mimic either human eye photopic curve, film sensitivity, (panchromatic, old ortochromatic,..) or any filter you used long time ago with B&W film, light source temperature... For a uniform scene all B&W values should be the same, regardless of source pixel colour.

If none of contributors to this topic finds it wrong, I will add this RAW to B&W conversion to the list of feature requests. You can say that I am pushy ::), but it looks so close to what could be a major enhancement when compared to standard image treatment in PowerShot cameras.

Re: How to see raw RAW image?
« Reply #14 on: 17 / April / 2008, 09:29:54 »
Checkout Free graphic and photo viewer - XnView - GRAPHIC VIEWER

Recommended by DPexpert: [ THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE ... ]

It displays the original CRWs but does not display the correct colour balance. DNG's converted by DNG4PS-2 look the same as the original CRW raw images. Tungsten images have a yellow cast, flouro images have a blue cast. The jpegs have the correct colour cast.


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