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Real vs market ISO

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Re: Real vs market ISO
« Reply #110 on: 04 / August / 2013, 20:20:42 »
Patch with re-worked ISO code.
Sorry I didn't get a chance to look through this patch before it was committed.

I ran the current trunk through ISOOVER.LUA on D10 and it gave the expected results: Converting the sv_market + base back to ISO gives returns the input ISO values within a small margin. The difference between the sv96 and sv96_market + delta is always 69. The ISO override and misc values display also agree very closely with the selected value.

The one issue I see is that SV96_MARKET_OFFSET and the other associated conversion factors need to be able to be overridden for the old cameras like a410, s80, sd500 etc. For these cameras, the offset ranges between +20 and -4. These are the ones that have CAM_SV96_MARKET_OFFSET defined.
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