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720 IS and FAQ page help

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720 IS and FAQ page help
« on: 12 / April / 2008, 12:32:52 »
I have a 720 IS and am trying to install CHDK. I thought I was somewhat computer savvy until now. I am running into several problems with the FAQ and hope someone can help.

I have downloaded the allbest-a720-100c-50
I then found that there is no PS.FIR file so back to the FAQ to find the instructions on making a bootable disk for my SD card.

I go to the instructions and the first thing I see is to compile a g7_blinker file. I am thinking that this is for a G7 camera.

Question: Is it?
Question: what is it for.
Question: how do I compile it and with what do I compile it with? I am sorry but I have never done this before.

I decided to go to windows case 2 and the first sentence tells me to "Extract from above" well my question is extract what? from above.

When I click on Bootable.exe it takes me to a page that gives me a choice of several programs one of which is Bootable.exe, so far so good. When I click on it it takes me to a web page that is in another language and I don't know which one (language) in order to go to get a translation so I can download the file.

I do understand what to do with the program after it's installed but I don't know what to press to download it.

Down towards the bottom of the Bootable SD card page there are further instructions on the G9 blinker.

I would really like to get this installed in my camera for the being able to shoot raw and using it to zoom in movie mode

Can anyone help?



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Re: 720 IS and FAQ page help
« Reply #1 on: 12 / April / 2008, 12:43:45 »
 You don't need to compile anything to install chdk on your card.
 Please read the FAQ section on the CHDK - CHDK Wiki
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Re: 720 IS and FAQ page help
« Reply #2 on: 12 / April / 2008, 13:43:16 »

Thank you very much for your help, everything worked perfect.

Again, Thank you very much.



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