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Live capture with SX240 (SX260)

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Live capture with SX240 (SX260)
« on: 13 / August / 2013, 11:24:55 »

Apologies if this has already been covered somewhere, I can't find it.

I'm trying to use a Canon SX240 (similar to SX260 except without GPS) for remote capture with CHDKPTP - but as soon as I connect the USB cable, the camera enters playback mode.

In playback mode I can get a live view of the viewfinder (showing previously taken images) and obviously the shoot button does nothing.

If I enable USB remote, then the camera takes a picture when I plug the USB cable into the PC as expected, but then no PTP comms.

How do I stop the camera from entering playback mode when inserting the USB cable?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Live capture with SX240 (SX260)
« Reply #1 on: 13 / August / 2013, 11:37:32 »
Just start in playback and use the Rec button to go into shooting mode (or use switch_mode_usb(1) from the chdkptp command line)
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