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info needed for G1X video override bitrate

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Re: info needed for G1X video override bitrate
« Reply #10 on: 21 / August / 2013, 13:43:33 »
- uncripple the automatic movie mode ? (it will be great to shoot full manual with this camera)
Manual video control is a frequently requested feature. It would be nice to have. However, it will require a significant amount of reverse engineering to be implemented as a CHDK feature. Thus far, no one with the required skill has stepped forward to implement it. Features in CHDK are implemented by the people who have the interest, skill and time to implement them.
- increase the Fps from 24Fps to 30Fps ?
Unlikely, but as above.
i don't understand why Canon blocked these features!! i mean Digic 5 + 1" sensor are great specs for video recording !!
Canon didn't "block" these features. They chose not to implement them. What combination of technical, cost and marketing factors drove that decision is unknown to us, but it's a mistake to think these features are just sitting in the firmware waiting to be "unlocked". The necessary parts probably exist, but implementing it as a usable feature will require significant work. Especially when we have ~100 different cameras to support.
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Re: info needed for G1X video override bitrate
« Reply #11 on: 21 / August / 2013, 14:15:14 »
yes i understand. the work of the CHDK community is huge and admirable!
i just asked this because i saw that some scripts (that activate manual control) have already been implemented on other cameras.
since the G1X is one of the best compact camera i feel it's too bad that the video potential is being neglected..
anyway thank you guys for your patience


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