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Video CHDK features

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Video CHDK features
« on: 29 / August / 2013, 20:25:04 »
faster (  like zoom-in out for older cam version+chdk(video options set/half-press)  or when taking photos)
force hard (not slow-smooth) focusing

option to enable chdk-histogram & zebra for video

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Re: Video CHDK features
« Reply #1 on: 12 / September / 2013, 20:22:02 »
option to prevent the focus from
drifting to super-blurry macro out-focus
(happens in dim conditions with point-like lighting
 - the camera seems to focus on the bokeh not the subject)
to maybe temporarily detect and override
if focus distance is less than set a user-limit

Re: Video CHDK features
« Reply #2 on: 12 / September / 2013, 20:24:56 »
also related to some video ISO-shutter-aperature override lua-native script

it seems to esp for some older models
for some reason allow iso (sv value)
more extreme than what chdk allows
(but the super-low iso causes purple (not noise) but sensor-related
artifacts on almost overexposed regions
and the extra-high iso is very noisy)

(older models sv from 0 to~2000 (maybe 2048??)  higher does not see to increase iso,
and negative (-1) does make it look like 200

for newer models
it goes from 0-768 higher causesd a crash

for 1/30sec (30fps) video tv values when recording can go to
(apex 96??) ~471, lower tv causes a crash after few seconds (buffer overflow?)
but live view tv can go lower,

photo tv av iso settings seem to affect the shown values
on script start

(newer models have be getting worse in quality
after the economic/tsunami
(consumerrpts ratings) )

maybe request to
add the
Tv Av Sv values
to DNG metadata

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Re: Video CHDK features
« Reply #3 on: 05 / November / 2013, 20:16:27 »
occasionally, when the script goes glitchy, the screen flickers
(alternating bright&dim bracketing) haven't much been able to use it (sporadic)
but is this exploitable?
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