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G12 and ETTL On Manual Mode

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G12 and ETTL On Manual Mode
« on: 04 / September / 2013, 19:50:13 »
First, I am a newbie to this forum and to CHDK. If this topic has already been posted specifically concerning the G12, then, sorry for this post. I have been able to trace through posts concerning ETTL and various user's needs to have this functionality while using the G12 underwater. The G12 does not support ETTL while in manual mode.

I will get right to my question. Is this functionality built into CHDK? I have yet to install CHDK as I am reluctant to go through the process at this point. If the functionality isn't built into CHDK is there a straight forward process to enable ETTL. I have seen the term "script" used. Again, I'm a newbie at this. Since I shoot underwater complicated menu selections won't do it for me. I would stick to manual mode and set the flash output.

I appreciate input from anyone who has this working with the G12. As a point of reference I use dual Ikelite strobes; not sure if this makes a difference.

Thanks All


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Re: G12 and ETTL On Manual Mode
« Reply #1 on: 04 / September / 2013, 20:56:29 »
The latest versions of CHDK allows you to enable ETTL flash when the camera is in M mode.
This works fine on my G12 and 580ex flash; but you would need to test with your strobes.

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Re: G12 and ETTL On Manual Mode
« Reply #2 on: 06 / September / 2013, 19:53:32 »
Thanks for your reply. I will probably come back to you for a bit more help once I get CHDK installed.



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