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get camera triggered by Radian

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get camera triggered by Radian
« on: 09 / September / 2013, 04:59:48 »
Hey guys,
I was reading here for a while and finally joined because I wanted to give you my documentation on how to get your CHDK-camera triggered by Radian.
If you're not familiar with Radian have a look here.
Radian is basically a programmable device that lets you slowly turn your camera in timelapse shots. Like a better egg-timer. ;-)
But it also has a 2,5" triggering-port for DSLRs.

My goal was to get my S95 camera triggered by Radian. There are already several infos on how to build yourself a cable release and specifically for the S-series its a little bit harder with that awkward combined USB/Video Port. In the end I only had to make the connection from the cable release to the Radian.

Here is my documentation:
I'd be glad if that helps you too. :-)
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