Detection and editing of redundant entries in palette

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Detection and editing of redundant entries in palette
« on: 01 / October / 2013, 20:20:44 »
it['s a waste when almost half of
 the palette entries are redundant
so maybe detect that (separately for playback, rec, menu(s)? )
and replace with different colour/shades/transparencies
that are RGB/YCbCr different from existing ones
but perhaps similar enough to original colours to avoid
ugly displays/compatibility unless not used
(maybe also detect main primary colours for special treatment/analysis)

perfer to have as much of it automated, less manual
since so many camera models, development spread out
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Re: Detection and editing of redundant entries in palette
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This has been discussed in various forum threads.  Canon uses the colors its marketing people like in each of its palettes and the rest are ignored and often set to useless values.  They have no need of a full color gamut and thus do not provide one.

From a CHDK perspective,  there is a way to change the 13 standard colors CHDK uses.  Its not implemented on many cameras, but if it is you will find CAM_LOAD_CUSTOM_COLORS  defined in the camera's platform_camera.h file.

More discussion about this is here :

and some screenshots of the results are here :

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