Format for Aperture

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Format for Aperture
« on: 13 / April / 2008, 05:46:53 »
Ok, so I've installed CHDK on my Canon G7 and taken some pictures in RAW format.  What I'm attempting to do is to see the difference between .jpg and .RAW.  I can download the RAW pictures to my Mac, but Aperture does not understand the .CRW format and will not import them.  I've also tried to use some of the other formats, .jpg .CR2 no luck. 
So I tried PhotoShop, same problem.  I'm missing something, can anyone tell me what?  Thanks in advance


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Re: Format for Aperture
« Reply #1 on: 13 / April / 2008, 06:06:00 »

Since RAW's are just the binary data that your sensor spits out, they need to be be converted to some kind of
standardized format. The most well known of this is .DNG (for Digital Negative i suppose) by Adobe.
Try this utility to perform the conversion:



Re: Format for Aperture
« Reply #2 on: 15 / April / 2008, 04:08:15 »
Thanks for the reply.  I'm in a location that is blocking MacPorts but as soon as I get back home I'm going to install.  I was actually able to use the windows version of conversion software via parallels, but the pics are all blue?  Guess it will take more experimenting.  I'm still not convinced that RAW is all that necessary, .jpg certainly seems to work just fine for me.

Re: Format for Aperture
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