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Dumping with 8 GB SDHC

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Re: Dumping with 8 GB SDHC
« Reply #10 on: 11 / April / 2008, 02:06:32 »
place any file with name ps.fi2 on sd-card and check if firmware  update menu item apears in canon menu.
if yes somebody will be able to make proper file to make dumper for you (it cn take some time....)
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Re: Dumping with 8 GB SDHC
« Reply #11 on: 12 / April / 2008, 22:52:40 »
I made a ps.fi2 file in notepad and put it on the card, and it did bring out the new menu item "Update Firmware". So this means a dumper can be made for my camera? I'm sure it takes a considerable amount of work, and I'd feel bad dumping my problems on somebody else (no pun intended), so how are dumpers created? I'd like to help if I can. I don't know a lot of C, but I've taken programming courses before (C++ mostly) so maybe I'll catch on to a new language fairly quickly if thats what it entails.

Thanks for the help thus far,



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