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Ooops I dropped it - repairing a damaged Canon

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Ooops I dropped it - repairing a damaged Canon
« on: 26 / October / 2013, 08:46:32 »
Not sure how many people have discovered iFixit, but for those that haven't it contains some guides on repairing cameras.
Canon Powershots can be found here.

Re: Ooops I dropped it - repairing a damaged Canon
« Reply #1 on: 27 / March / 2014, 09:52:55 »
For anyone looking to repair an S100 or S110 (not the old S110 elph  ;)) with a lens error this may work, well it worked for my S110.

The camera gave a lens error and made a whirring noise of some sort, but all it was was just a ribbon cable that was not seated properly in its connector. A bit of tape to make it a more permanent fix and it's as good as new again. (and a drop of silicone grease to unstick the zoom lever)

Inside an S100, the S110 is similar

Apparently this is a very common problem for both the S110 and S100 so I thought I might post this, may save someone the trouble of sending in their camera only to risk having canon weasel their way out of a free repair and charge $150. Also this is said to only affect a certain batch of serial numbers.

Ebay also seems to have one or two lens-error S110/S100 cameras going at a time, which may make a good deal for those willing to take the risk, I managed to get two for $100 delivered. If the problem is in the lens assembly itself, they only cost about $30 anyway (S100 and S110 use the same lens assembly BTW).

Of course, there's the chance that none of this may work and it's all done at your own risk. The flash capacitor is well-protected with black glue over the connections, even so I managed to somehow get shocked when getting sand out of the gears that drive the flash unit. Ribbon cables are fragile so be careful. Oh, and ESD...

Re: Ooops I dropped it - repairing a damaged Canon
« Reply #2 on: 28 / March / 2014, 04:53:35 »
I don't think that it is an easy job: SX 200 lens change.
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