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RAW Color Correction Software?

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Re: RAW Color Correction Software?
« Reply #10 on: 12 / November / 2013, 13:25:17 »
Do you have any suggestions concerning possible apps to try?
As ahull says, it would be easier to suggest if we had more information about the specifics. Tell us what you are trying to do, not just little pieces.

Some possibly relevant questions:
How many different kinds of cameras?
What kind of scenes are they shooting?  If the scenes are diverse indoors, outdoors, different lighting, then the problem is more complex than if it's one kind of scene.
How many images?
How similar do the images need to be? Do have a way to measure whether they are close enough?
What software skills do you have available? If you have a programmer with a strong image processing background the answer will be different than if you only have people who are terrified by a command prompt.

Without knowing any of this my inclination would be to try to use something like raw therapee, because it understands raw files, has very flexible color adjustments, and is able to operate in batch mode. It seems like if you get (near) identical reference scenes, you should be able to manually come up with a profile that gives you similar results for each camera, and then use that to batch all the subsequent images. Obviously this wouldn't scale to large number of cameras.
Don't forget what the H stands for.


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Re: RAW Color Correction Software?
« Reply #11 on: 13 / November / 2013, 15:12:44 »
Hi reyalp,

Think we agree that each camera needs calibration and possibly calibration for extreme lighting conditions.

A friend sent me a link to video showing what color balance can be obtained even for extreme lighting conditions if a "color checker" was used.

Here is the extreme lighting condition video link Custom Camera Profile for Extreme Lighting - Adobe DNG Profile Editor Tutorial



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Re: RAW Color Correction Software?
« Reply #12 on: 13 / November / 2013, 15:43:44 »
Hi ahull,

"Do we know how many cameras and what type they will be"

At this time no but we will start out small.  We have a couple of same model Canon P&S and couple different Nikon DSLRs that will run first tests on.  Depending on this outcome we should have a much better idea of what we can accomplish.

"What operating system are you using?" 

Everyone involved is using some version of Windows.  If there was a compelling reason could go to Linux.

"Whatever you choose will depend on how many images you are dealing with."

Only a small number of images to test if this will work.

Do you know if DNG Profile Editor can be used with Gimp and RawTherapee?

Did a quick search for Gimp and found
http://www.gimptalk.com/index.php?/topic/48403-can-i-use-dngdcp-profiles-in-gimp/  did not answer this question.




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