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ISO over ride

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ISO over ride
« on: 15 / April / 2008, 21:55:18 »
Hello all,

First of all I have a S5IS and the CHDK port seems to be working just fine. What I would like to know is this. I have been playing with the ISO over ride for a few days (mostly for lower ISO settings, below 80). I do see some differences in each of my pictures, but how do I REALLY know what the REAL ISO for each picture is. I have set the ISO for 30, 40, 50 , 60, and 70.
All at F2.7 , 1/50, and same subject (just a still life). After comparing each photo with a standard 80 ISO shoot (same f2.7, 1/50, and subject) , like I said I do see differences!

Thanks for any help anyone may have, the Alchemist.....

Re: ISO over ride
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