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Save & Restore different configurations

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Save & Restore different configurations
« on: 08 / November / 2013, 16:03:40 »
This is a script to save & restore the CHDK configuration. You can manage 4 different configurations. More are possible. All functions are self-explanatory. The script runs in playback mode.

down/up - selection of the position
left/right - on/off or file selection
SET - save or restore action
MENU - script end

All files are stored in the folder A/CHDK/CFG. When the folder is not available it will be created automatically.

The script uses optional a special library to save the last settings. This library is called iniLib (developed by rudi). The principle is known from the windows environment. The ini file will be stored in A/CHDK/DATA.

The script automatically detects:
- screen dimension (480 or 360 pixel)
- camera has GPS?
- UI language (English (default) or German)

The script requires CHDK 1.3 revision 3200 or higher.



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Re: Save & Restore different configurations
« Reply #1 on: 09 / November / 2013, 15:50:54 »
Useful script when testing stuff, thanks!

Some critique (just my personal preference, nothing serious):
- the highlight (highlighted line) isn't immediately apparent on first use, too dim
- I would expect same behaviour from the SET button as in the CHDK menu, "OK" or "execute" would need to be a separate menu item in this case.


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