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"Bracketing in continuous mode" seems not working on my S3 IS...

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"Bracketing in continuous mode" seems not working on my S3 IS...
« on: 06 / December / 2007, 18:56:54 »

It seems the "Bracketing in continuous mode" isn't working on my S3 camera, I checked the last 2 releases pre14.grand148.md.cln.zsm-s3is-100a-124 & allbest-s3is-100a-8, the former both in Tv bracketing and Av bracketing mode, but everytime I get just the 1st shot (normal) & 2nd shot as expected (ie. -1/3Ev.), but the following shots are all the same, like the 2nd shot (-1/3Ev.)

All the other functions, like the very fast shutter speed (1/10000) or the very slow (65') are working quite well.

Am I doing something wrong  :( or it is really my camera that's not compatible with the new functions?

Thanks in advance for any help, and thanks a lot to all the developers, your work is terrific!!!!

Re: "Bracketing in continuous mode" seems not working on my S3 IS...
« Reply #1 on: 06 / December / 2007, 20:42:00 »

I've already tested the new AllBest version of CHDK, but I didn't have any luck...

It seems my problem is the same of dikamilo:
bracketing is enable, camera make fotos but ony 2 fotos is different.

Obviously I'm using the "Continuous Shooting Mode" (I tested both the normal and the high speed) and I also followed your hint (FULL shutter-press, then half press, full press and so on...) but the result has not change...

In my S3 it seems the bracketing mode (Tv or Av, I checked both) works just for the 2 first shots, then all the following shots are the same of the 2nd one...

Just to be shure, I performed a "reset option to default", but it didn't help.
Tomorrow morning I'll try a full format of my SD card and a fresh installation, just in case.

Bye for now...


I think I found the solution myself...
When I installed the new AllBest build in the SD card, I didn't erase the old CHDK.CFG I use with the Fingalo's builds
Now everything works as expected  :lol

*** Lesson learned: when upgrade to a different release, better to do a fresh installation on a clean card...***

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