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Change storage path for JPG images.

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Change storage path for JPG images.
« on: 12 / November / 2013, 03:10:11 »
I asked in the thread "AdditionAgentRAM - an unused piece of memory?" the question whether it is possible to save jpg images in a different directory.

For example, "DCIM\101_HD_11".

From srsa_4c I received the following reply.

Sounds possibleness, but complicated to implement Implements.

It would need a user interface,
handle two hooks (raw, filewrite) Properly,
and - DEPENDING on the chosen path - the cameras would not Recognize some or all images ...
Additionally, we can not influence on native RAW cameras did support it.

All the above implementations were at first not important. Only I would have to know where I can set a different directory in the code.

I have tried in filewrite task to change the directory. Unfortunately without success.

If anyone has an idea how to change the directory for the current taken picture, i would be pleased about help.

Perhaps this function could find lot of use in lua too.



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Re: Change storage path for JPG images.
« Reply #1 on: 12 / November / 2013, 11:24:32 »
From srsa_4c I received the following reply.
Well, sort of...

You can change file name / path name of the JPEG file in this function, before _Open() is called. It's recommended that you don't exceed the length of the original path+file name which looks like:
The bold part is mandatory. DryOS (the operating system of your camera) doesn't support long filenames, so only use 8+3 style file and directory names. You'll probably need to make sure the directory already exists, before you attempt to pass your modified path to Open().
If you end up using file or directory names not recognized by the camera, you'll lose the ability to view those images on camera and you'll either have to use CHDK's PTP support or a card reader to transfer the images.


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