Canon PowerShot A1400

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Canon PowerShot A1400
« on: 17 / November / 2013, 03:30:57 »
I can only purchase Canon PowerShot A1400 in my area.
Does anyone know if I can use the CHDK from A1300 to the A1400 ?
Thank you.


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Re: Canon PowerShot A1400
« Reply #1 on: 17 / November / 2013, 05:32:45 »
No, every camera & firmware version has their own CHDK version.

German CHDK pages:  CHDK forum | CHDK inside | CHDK Twitter News by msl | Download CHDK-DE (Autobuild)
Note: SDM violates the GPL rules!

Re: Canon PowerShot A1400
« Reply #2 on: 17 / November / 2013, 09:06:23 »
I can only purchase Canon PowerShot A1400 in my area.
While the A1400 is not currently supported, its may be one of the last CHDK compatible cameras released for some time.  Canon has started using the newer DIGIC6 processor since August 2013 - although mostly on its higher perfomance models.  Cameras using the DIGIC 6 are not compatible with the current CHDK build and tools so it may be a long time before someone takes the time to create the first port.

If you decide to buy the camera anyway,  there is no guarantee that CHDK will actually get ported to it.

link> CHDK FAQ : My camera isn't ported yet

However, given that it seems likely fewer new Canon P&S cameras will be supported by CHDK for some time, there will likely be a push to port the remaining models.  Obtaining a firmware dump is the first step : Firmware Dump Script

For the record,  the cameras released early in 2013 with older DIGIC4 & DIGIC5 processors are :

 Canon PowerShot A1400
 Canon PowerShot A2500
 Canon PowerShot A3500 IS
 Canon Elph 115 IS / IXUS132
 Canon Elph 130 / IXUS140   < * CHDK port available>
 Canon PowerShot ELPH 330 HS
 Canon PowerShot SX170 IS  (*note - released in Aug 2013)
 Canon PowerShot SX510 HS (*note - released in Aug 2013)

Models released later in 2013 with the new DIGIC6 processor are :

 Canon PowerShot G16
 Canon PowerShot S120
 Canon PowerShot SX270 HS
 Canon PowerShot SX280 HS

We currently have no information about how much longer Canon will release new cameras using DIGIC4 & DIGIC5 processors.
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