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Activating <ALT> mode in A710 IS

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Activating <ALT> mode in A710 IS
« on: 17 / April / 2008, 14:45:58 »
Hello All,
So far so good setting up for the first time, but  I'm stuck trying to activate the <ALT> mode, I don't have a direct print or shortcut button, so what  do I do?

Re: Activating <ALT> mode in A710 IS
« Reply #1 on: 17 / April / 2008, 16:28:39 »
sorted-never used the direct print button so didnt realise I had one- I,m not great at reading manuals......its the one on the right under the play/record slide button for anyone else thick like me- its almost as quick to write that instead of directions to the faq which I obviously had looked at but not twigged.


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