Setting focus from scripts or menus

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Setting focus from scripts or menus
« on: 30 / December / 2013, 14:07:09 »
Phase 2 Instructions Here ->  Manual Focus Test Phase 2 Instructions
script download link >   MF_test.lua
links to results so far > Google Docs Spreadsheet

I've been working for some time now on CHDK's ability to set the camera's focus.  Different cameras seem to need different things.  I've recorded some of my findings here : CHDK Wiki Page

What I think I have discovered is that there are three types of cameras when it comes to using the set_focus() script commmand.
  • Cameras that will set_focus() with no setup or other scripting commands needed.
  • Cameras that will set_focus() if they have a Canon native MF (manual focus) mode and that mode is enabled.
  • Cameras that will set_focus() when the camera is in Canon's AFL (auto focus lock) mode .

Obviously,  the first group of cameras (mostly older models) needs no further investigation.  And I've learned that the second group of cameras can be placed in MF mode in a script by calling post_levent_for_npt("PressSw1AndMF") (props to philmoz for discovering that and reporting it in the forum).  But cameras in the third group have proven problematic. 

Some cameras in the third group will focus if a set_aflock(1) command is issued prior to a set_focus() command but some will not.  Those that will not need to be placed into Canon AFL mode from the camera keyboard prior to shooting.  This is a problem as the only way to do that from a script is with click() commands, which are carmera dependent.

But I've had a breakthrough!   I've discovered that on my cameras, set_aflock(1) does not set the AF lock property case value. However, if I set it from the script using set_prop(props.AF_LOCK,1)  when set_aflock(1) is called then the camera LCD show the Canon AFL icon and I can use set_focus() from within my script!  No manual keyboard setting required. [see the note below]

This is quite exciting as it means we are very close to being able to use set_focus() in any script with no prior camera setup required.

Still, it would be good to know which cameras can use what modes and how the overlap.  So I've attached a small test script in the hope that people will run it and post the resulting mf_test.csv file here for analysis.  I'll compile all submissions and sumarize here and on the wiki page I mentioned above.

So please test your camera and report back here with an attached mf_test.csv file. Simple instructions are in the title block of the script.



Note: (technical discussion)

 It turns out that a big part of the problem was caused by somewhat arbitrary setup values used in camera.h and how they interact in CHDK's  shooting_can_focus() C function:

These control whether SD override is available on the CHDK menus and whether to prevent attempts to set focus if the camera is not in AFLock mode. Setting focus when not in AFLock mode causes some cameras to crash.   The CHDK code looks at several property case values to determine whether to allow set_focus() or not.  One of those property case values is the AFL value, which what not being set by set_aflock() so my camera would not accept the set_focus() command.  In IRC discussions with reyalp,  we've agreed that these need to be reviewed and clarified and then some cameras may need their configuation modified.

An easy fix to the current code for set_aflock() is to have it also set the AFLock property case value appropriately so that it does not need to be done in the script.

An outstanding issue is how the SD override functions in the CHDK menus can be fixed.  Currently some cameras need to be placed in AFL mode manually before the menu SD overrides will work.  And some apparently just crash.

I'm sure I've missed some other things here.  IIRC, philmoz posted that on some cameras,  the set_aflock() needs to be make while a "half-press" is active for example.  Other comments and observations are welcome!

Note :
 - updated script to v2.1 to correctly handle missing propcases for propset3 cameras.
 - updated script to v2.2 to allow individual tests to be enabled/disabled and added another MF enable method
 - updated script to v2.3 for log file robustness, focus lock checking before shooting, ranges moved to not overlap or be too close for G1x, SS.MFOn enable by default
 - updated scritp to v2.4 to expand focus test criterion to pass if actual is within 20% for actual (from 10%)
 - updated script to v2.7 with multiple changes supporting provisional CHDK set_focus_interlock_bypass mode
 - updated script to v2.8 to fix wrong report if cam can't focus and to forcibly disable CHDK menu override and SD overide modes
 - updated script to v2.9 to add restore() function (from msl)
 - updated script to v2.10 to cause script to halt immediately if Lua Native Calls are not enabled
 - updated script to v2.11 to allow individual disable of event_proc tests
 - updated script to v2.12 to check that CHDK 1.3.0 rev 3303 or later is loaded
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Ported :   A1200    SD940   G10    Powershot N    G16

Note : script attached above updated to v2.1 to correctly handle missing propcases for propset3 cameras.
Ported :   A1200    SD940   G10    Powershot N    G16


testet on SX230HS 1.00c


testet on SX230HS 1.00c
Thanks for that.  First camera that I've seen that will focus in MF mode but not set_aflock().  Very good to know that !
Ported :   A1200    SD940   G10    Powershot N    G16


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My Ixus 240 HS passes the first test but just crashes (shuts off without retracting lens) during the second test. The .csv is empty. Here is the ROM crashlog:

Code: [Select]
ASSERT!! FocusLensController.c Line 829
Occured Time  2013:12:05 21:01:05
Task ID: 18153512
Task name: CaptSeqTask
SP: 0x0055FB74
01 02 07 08 09 0a 0c 0b 00 00
07 0a 02 0d 09 01 0f 0f 0f 0f
00017590: UI:_MuteOff
00017590: UI:DSIC:44,0
00017590: UI:ShootState:0xA
00017590: UI:ShtCon_StartReview
00017590: UI:ShootState:0xC
00017590: SS:ExitShoot
00017760: UI:ShootSeqToUI:0x2007:adr:0x3e8f,Para:16015
00017760: UI:ShootSeqToUI:0x2001:adr:0,Para:0
00017760: UI:_EntryPrepareRecreviewOff
00017760: UI:ShootState:0xB
00017760: UI:ShtCon_StopReview
00017760: UI:_fReservedExitSequence=TRUE
00017760: SS: Raw[1]
00017760: SS: Raw[1]
00017760: SS: Raw[1]
00017770: UI:Sht_CancelStrobeChargeTimer
00017770: UI:DSIC:4c,0
00017770: UI:_CaptureStanbyForReview
00017770: UI:DSIC:47,0
00017770: UI:DSIC:46,0
00017780: UI:ShootSeqToUI:0x201e:adr:0x3e8f,Para:16015
00017780: UI:ShootSeqToUI:0x2029:adr:0x3e8f,Para:16015
00017780: UI:_ExitSequence
00017780: UI:Sht_CancelStrobeChargeTimer
00017780: UI:DSIC:4c,0
00017780: SS:CancelPre
00017790: SS:NextAvail(6),ReviewAvail(5)
00017990: UI:DSIC:48,0
00018350: SS:ChargeComplete
00018350: UI:DispSwCon_MuteOffPhysicalScreen
00018350: UI:Window MuteOff
00018350: UI:MuteOffPhysicalScreen
00018350: UI:ShootState:0x0
00018350: UI:ShtCon_Deactivate
00018350: UI:DSIC:14,0
00018350: UI:DSIC:60,0
00018350: UI:DispSwCon_TurnOnDisplayDevice
00018350: UI:ScreenLock
00018460: UI:Display_CaptInfo
00018460: UI:ScreenUnLock
00018490: UI:DispSw: Unlock
00018490: UI:DispSwCon:Unlock
00018490: UI:TerminateDeliverToZoomController
00018490: UI:UnpressZoomLever
00018490: UI:ScreenLock
00018490: UI:Reduce ScreenUnLock
00018490: UI:ScreenLock
00018490: UI:Reduce ScreenUnLock
00018490: UI:_EntryIdleShoot
00018490: UI:ShootState:0x0
00018500: UI:DisplayPhysicalScreenCBR
00018500: UI:Re ScreenUnLock
00018500: UI:ScreenUnLock
00018510: UI:DisplayPhysicalScreenCBR
00018790: SS:AFL
00019670: SS:AFL*
00021710: UI:Button:0x000009A1:PressSwOne
00021710: UI:DSIC:25,0
00021710: SS:PreBuf
00021710: UI:ShootState:0x1
00021710: UI:ShtCon_Activate
00021710: UI:DispSw: Lock
00021710: UI:ShtCon_PrepareCapture
00021710: UI:DSIC:61,0
00021710: UI:ScreenLock
00021720: UI:ScreenUnLock
00021720: UI:ScreenLock
00021720: UI:Reduce ScreenUnLock
00021720: UI:LogicalEvent:0x3135:adr:0,Para:0
00021720: SS:LoadTest:10
00021720: SS:PreCapt
00021730: UI:ShootState:0x2
00021730: UI:ClearEventComp
00021740: UI:DisplayPhysicalScreenCBR
00021740: UI:Re ScreenUnLock
00021740: UI:ScreenUnLock
00021750: UI:DisplayPhysicalScreenCBR
00021860: UI:ShootSeqToUI:0x203b:adr:0x40,Para:64
00021860: UI:DSIC:69,0
00021890: UI:ScreenLock
00021890: UI:ScreenUnLock
00021950: UI:DisplayPhysicalScreenCBR
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My Ixus 240 HS passes the first test but just crashes (shuts off without retracting lens) during the second test.
Thanks for posting that - no idea what's happening there.  Or at least not yet. 

But I think its good that we are going down the road of doing this testing for as many cameras as possible.  :D

Just ran the script on my sx50.  All three tests fail!   The camera appears to go into AFL mode successfully - the AFL letter on the Canon OSD appear.  But it can't set forus.  And MF fails totally.   But this might be due to how the #defines in platform_camera.h are setup - I need to look at that.

Ported :   A1200    SD940   G10    Powershot N    G16

BTW .... I've already got results for the A1200,  IXUS120_SD940 and G10

The A1200 will only focus with set_aflock(). The other two will focus in all three test cases.
Ported :   A1200    SD940   G10    Powershot N    G16


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Glad to help, wish I owned more camera's I could test. I have three but all three are IXUS 240 HS  ::)


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  • A720 IS, SX220 HS 1.01a
    • CHDK inside
Results for A720  & SX220
German CHDK pages:  CHDK forum | CHDK inside | CHDK Twitter News by msl | Download CHDK-DE (Autobuild)
Note: SDM violates the GPL rules!


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Huge thanks to waterwingz for braving this mess.

Here are results from my cams.

The current trunk elph130 crashed on the first test. I know from earlier testing that it requires AF lock, but as we discussed last night it turns out the defines aren't set up right. The attached log has
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