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Continuous exposure change with CHDK

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Continuous exposure change with CHDK
« on: 07 / September / 2015, 02:31:44 »

the following video shows pretty impressive one of the advantages of CHDK for time-lapse. With CHDK, the exposure time and ISO values can be change in 1/96 EV steps. So the exposure can be adjusted quite smoothly between images without generating jumps. Usually exposure can be changed with digital cameras and DSLR's only in 1/3 EV steps.

I made the video, because I have the impression that there are many who have not yet understood.

How I made the video:

The video was made with the script isoinc.lua (ISO increment).

The script then goes from a predefined ISO range. I've had the script of ISO100 (APEX96 = 412) run to ISO400 (APEX96 = 603). This then resulted is 192 images. The pictures I then copied again in the reverse order.
With the then 384 images, I created the video with VirtualDub. Once at 30fps and then again with 60fps.

In the video with 1/3EV steps, I then just took each 32th image and copied 32 times.

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