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stick not working properly

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64 gig PNY card does not work with Stick
« Reply #10 on: 10 / January / 2014, 07:53:58 »
I'm trying to use this card in an SX260 HS.  The log file created by Stick is as follows:

STICK - Dave Mitchell 1.07
OS Type=2 OS Version=8
engine link established
Is an admin
Running on a 64-bit machine
Native Interface established
maxsize=64000 testsize=70000 (64GB)

loading tables - please wait ...
Downloading build information from
Downloading build information from
Downloading build information from
Downloading build information from
tables loaded successfully

IMG_2745.JPG dropped
C:\Users\NewDesk\Pictures\NewYearsDay2014\20140101\IMG_2745.JPG is being processed
fm=16843008 icm=3220000 fms='Firmware Version 1.01'
 - searching for build for Stable CHDK sx260hs-101a
 - build found - Stable CHDK bins/
Stable CHDK build is available for this camera
Processing completed
Scanning for cards - please wait ...
Scanning for suitable cards (64GB or less) ...  - please wait ...
Starting drive check
Checking drive D:
Checking drive E:
Checking drive F:
Checking drive G:
Checking drive H:
Checking drive I:
Checking drive J:
Checking drive K:
Checking drive L:
   drive L found
Checking drive M:
Checking drive N:
Checking drive O:
Checking drive P:
Checking drive Q:
Checking drive R:
Checking drive S:
Checking drive T:
Checking drive U:
Checking drive V:
Checking drive W:
Checking drive X:
Checking drive Y:
Checking drive Z:
1 drives found
Drives: L
Analysing drive L
FileSystemFlags=       6
Testing if hard disk - size=61119
 testing L: bootable
Cards scanned - 1 cards found

Setting preparation tasks ...
   bootable = FAT32
   FAT32 formatting required
awaiting permission to install
Preparing Drive L: 64GB - please wait ...
Formatting L: as FAT32
Command 'format L: /fs:FAT32  /v:CANON_DC /y /q' issued
   return code was 4
Output: 'The type of the file system is EXFAT.
The new file system is FAT32.
QuickFormatting 59.7 GB
The volume is too big for FAT32.
Format failed.'
Installation failed - see log for details

Re: stick not working properly
« Reply #11 on: 10 / January / 2014, 08:15:24 »
60G SD card?  Wow.  This is going to create new challenges for the CHDK booting process until such time as Canon adds exFAT boot capability I guess.  Or we are back to needing dual partition support for new cameras.

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Re: stick not working properly
« Reply #12 on: 10 / January / 2014, 09:07:21 »
Thanks, so much! Everything is now working fine, thanks to the link you suggested


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