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DNG and gimp

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DNG and gimp
« on: 22 / January / 2014, 10:47:28 »
Hi there,
I am a big chdk fan with my sx 220hs. I would like to import raw images I shoot in gimp and I wanted to ask if someone have ever tried this combo? In Photoshop think work great but unfortunately this is not for free as gimp is.


Re: DNG and gimp
« Reply #1 on: 22 / January / 2014, 11:24:12 »
I've used UFRaw as a GIMP plugin : http://ufraw.sourceforge.net/

As I recall,  it works by converting the DNG file to something GIMP can handle internally rather than working in DNG native format.  And on a new computer, it was noticeably slow ( 10 to 30 seconds IIRC)  opening the file.
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Re: DNG and gimp
« Reply #2 on: 22 / January / 2014, 14:59:20 »
I use ufraw to convert the DNG to PNG and then use gimp to correct the barrel distortion in the image, all in batch mode.  If you want to do the correction by hand, use the Filters>Distorts>Lens_Distortions filter and play with the MAIN parameter until the image looks right.  The value depends on the zoom factor used when taking the image.

I uploaded my batch scripts here: http://chdk.setepontos.com/index.php?topic=9443.msg98900#msg98900 if you want to take a look.  It includes a couple of gimp scripts for distortion correction, which may be all that is useful for Windows users (the scripts are for Unix shells).  As waterwingz points out, the gimp stage is slow.  It's tolerable for batch processing, but would probably be irksome if you wanted to do each image by hand.


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