SX200IS sporadic failure to boot with CHDK

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SX200IS sporadic failure to boot with CHDK
« on: 28 / January / 2014, 07:24:55 »
Hello, I am driving a camera rig and since the beginning three years back I had the phenomenon that sometimes the cameras won't boot, then I have to try again up to 4 or 5 and even more times again, then they do. It is not a serious problem when having time to setup my rig, but sometimes when being in a hurry it can be annoying.

I am quite sure it is something in the boot sequence of CHDK. It also seems to be independent which version it is, it happened while using a very old one, now I have new releases and still the issue appears.

I have attached a ROMLOG.LOG of a boot that failed. Maybe someone has an idea what the problem might be?

I am able to alter the CHDK sources and compile my own version, so if I have to change something "deep" to test please propose the needed.

Thanks a lot!
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Re: SX200IS sporadic failure to boot with CHDK
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Sounds like reyalp's "old friend" strikes again : Ultimate Intervalometer - intermittent reboot faiure (powershot D10)

This has been an ongoing issue.  For many cameras,  adding :

Code: [Select]
#define CAM_STARTUP_CRASH_FILE_OPEN_FIX 1  // enable workaround for camera crash at startup when opening the conf / font files
to the platform_camera.h file solves the problem.  Your sx200 build already has this included.

However,  you failed to mention here that you are using a startup script  ;) ,  as is the jules in the link posted above. That seems to make things worse.

I believe reyalp is working on this.   Estimated time for a fix unknown.
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Re: SX200IS sporadic failure to boot with CHDK
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Hmmm. It might be true that having a automatic startup script running make things worse, but for sure the problem persists when having no startup script.

Thanks a lot. I'll monitor the thread you mentioned.


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