New(?) script manual focus while capturing video

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New(?) script manual focus while capturing video
« on: 01 / February / 2014, 12:03:50 »
Hi ,

I'm new here.

I have the SX50 HS.

I'm looking for the following script for capturing video and using the MF to create the DOF effect on video.

I was thinking about something like to find the object distance automatically with the camera .
Then to set another 2 mandatory fields like the object distance you want to reach and number of seconds.

another unlimited optional fields to set another object distance.

I'm not sure  it is possible also to control the focus while playing with the object distance on video mode.

My questions are :

Dose this script exist already ?
Is it possible to programming what i'm want to do?

I have not problem to code it , just want see that it is possible before I'm diving into it.

Thanks for your help!

**will publish it after.


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