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Sandisk Connect with CHDK 1.3

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Sandisk Connect with CHDK 1.3
« on: 07 / February / 2014, 16:15:58 »
Unstable CHDK 1.3 has an Eye-fi  feature that allows me to see all the wi-fi sources around me and perhaps connect to them.  It includes a typing capability for passwords.

My Sandisk Connect flash drive creates a wi-fi signal that my CHDK option recognizes.  But I can't make a connection.  I click on the Sandisk name, but all that comes up is the typing screen, which I don't need- no password needed.

I tried configuring the Eye-fi card in my computer to recognize the Sandisk, but I think the Sandisk has to connect to the internet, which it is not designed to do.

I hope there is a workaround as it would be nice to be able to have the Eye-fi and Sandisk talk to each other.


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