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power saving script?

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power saving script?
« on: 19 / February / 2014, 13:09:50 »
i want to do a time lapse of 10 hours, i have a sx1 is; and i tried yesterday night;
i setted it from 12pm and the last photo taken before battery run out is 5am; the batteries were fully charged
i setted to every 10 seconds,
i think the source of energy loosing is the screen ( i turned off the big screen was on the smaller one)
                                                         the pilot light, the green light, it's quite bright, so i suspect a fair amount of energy is used
maybe if i use chdk, it consumes more power?

is there like a energy saving script?
i wanted to take the sun rise ( i can't wake up at 5) to start pressing.....

Re: power saving script?
« Reply #1 on: 19 / February / 2014, 13:54:24 »
Ported :   A1200    SD940   G10    Powershot N    G16


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