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S100, disable autoboot

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S100, disable autoboot
« on: 28 / February / 2014, 16:59:21 »
I'm using an S100 with autoboot (as unless i'm mistaken it won't support the firmware update method?) and I wondered if there's a way of disabling without moving the lock switch on the sd card.

The issue is that I want to use the camera in an underwater housing while snorkeling, and while there are definitely CHDK functions that would be really useful to have, I can't work out how to review the photos I take when it autoloads, as everytime I hit the review button it just takes me straight back into the CHDK menu which it makes it pretty difficult to use and check that what I'm shooting is even vaguely correctly exposed. Obviously opening the housing to take the card out at sea isn't an option!

Any way round this?

Re: S100, disable autoboot
« Reply #1 on: 28 / February / 2014, 17:08:07 »
Two options.

1) If you hold the review button down for about 1 second rather than simply "click"it, it will go into review mode rather than CHDK <ALT> mode
2) You can reassign the button that takes you to CHDK <ALT> mode using the CHDK Settings menu to the Video button.   If you click the video button,  you get <ALT> mode - if you press and hold it will start recording video.

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