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HowTo? Review photos when CHDK active?

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HowTo? Review photos when CHDK active?
« on: 11 / March / 2014, 08:47:45 »
S110 CHDK 1.3.0 Revision 3376  FW Vers: 103a

Is it possible to review photos while CHDK is active? I want to be able to look at previous photo(s) after taking a shot.

Note that I have CHDK not enabled at power-on startup, but I enable it each time as I learn how to use it by starting the S110 by pressing the ">" (Playbac) button.

I've got the ">" (Playbac/Review) button as the default to go to CHDK mode. However, I'm stumped on how to Review previous photos. Is there some Shortcut that this newbie is ignorant about?

I suppose I could reassign the button that activates CHDK to "Video" or "Display", but I'm reluctant to do that if there is an alternative.

Or I suppose I could have the Review as "Hold" so that I have to be intentional about dismissing the Review after each shot.

Re: HowTo? Review photos when CHDK active?
« Reply #1 on: 11 / March / 2014, 10:39:36 »
Pressing and holding the playback button for more than 1 second will put the camera into playback mode rather than CHDK <ALT> mode.
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Re: HowTo? Review photos when CHDK active?
« Reply #2 on: 11 / March / 2014, 11:32:24 »
Thanks. I suppose I missed that in the User Manual. Thanks for your patient assistance.

Also, I am a bit overwhelmed by all the capabilities in CHDK. Feels like being a kid in a candy store.

And ... I am VERY IMPRESSED by the level of support provided by CHDK volunteers. My impression is that CHDK is one of the more successful open source projects, and terrific support has to be a factor.

My bad? ... you spoil us and the "moral hazard" of us newbies being too lazy to do our own research probably gets old.


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