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Best script for guestimating night exposure?

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Best script for guestimating night exposure?
« on: 11 / March / 2014, 10:14:45 »
I do a fair amount of night photography, and it can be a time-consuming challenge to figure out the correct exposure.

My normal practice is to turn up the ISO to a quite high value ... like 3200, 6400, or even the S110's maximum of 12,800. Then open the lens to f2 at the widest focal length, and bracket as much as I can, like from 1/4th second to the S110's native maximum of 15 seconds. in 2 f-stop increments. Turn off "long exposure NR compensation". Disable "Dark Frame Subtraction". Enable Hyperfocal distance which should be relatively wide at 24mm equiv and f2.

This gives me a series of captures to review and "get in the ball-park". 

Then I use reciprocity to get an exposure closer to the camera's base ISO of 80 and close down the lens f-stop a bit for sharpness and DOF, such as changing from f2 to f4.

Ideally, the script would set the exposure at the end to the reciprocity equivalent, along with enabling "Dark Frame Subtraction".

Does such a script exist? I looked at several, but this newbie had a difficult time understanding them. Many have quite a few parameters, and might be close.

Or, which script might be a good starting point, if and when I get brave enough to try developing my own scripts?

Mea culpa ... I'm enough of a S110 newbie, that it may be the case that I'm ignorant on how to accomplish much of the above in "native" mode without CHDK.


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