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chdk in the DIGIC6 world

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Re: chdk in the DIGIC6 world
« Reply #180 on: 08 / January / 2020, 15:15:22 »
Which seems a bit odd, even the lower 16K doesn't seem to be close to fully used, and the BTCM only obviously uses the lower 2k for exception stack.
I'd guess the chip was designed with higher workload in mind and our PowerShots only use a fraction of its capabilities. Similar to DIGIC 5, where the second ARM core is only used on a few (touchscreen) compacts and only for managing the touchscreen.
The code referencing the *TCM_START_ADDR and END_ADDR matches the values from CPU info.
Hmm, indeed.


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Re: chdk in the DIGIC6 world
« Reply #181 on: 12 / January / 2020, 08:54:11 »
The CPU of the sx280 runs 1 million cycles of this
Code: [Select]
002bd560 <busyloop1>:
  2bd560: 3801      subs r0, #1
  2bd562: f63f affd bhi.w 2bd560 <busyloop1>
in 20 msecs (measured right before booting CHDK and in playback mode).
Omar also seems to do 100 "BogoMips". One primary core of the D7 does 400.
As for timers, 0xc0242014 is available on both ARM cores of D6. The 32-bit microsecond timer (0xd400000c) is not reachable on Omar (reading it kills the task).
Both timers are available on the D7 primary cores.


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Re: CHDK in the DIGIC7 world
« Reply #182 on: 17 / April / 2020, 02:55:47 »
Have you solved the D7 startup issues?
I think so, the camera seems stable. It's possible to do it worse (where it seems to work, but unexpected things happen), I was hunting non-existing bugs for weeks...
Would this be usable for the G7X2?
That was my reason for publishing at this stage.

It's only taken 5 months; but thanks to the M100 work by srsa_4c I finally have the G7X2 booting and and starting a dummy task that blinks the LED.

Still a long way to go; but it was amazing to finally see the camera start up with that led blinking away :)

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