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NOAA Weather Radio Trigger

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NOAA Weather Radio Trigger
« on: 19 / March / 2014, 16:40:01 »
Hey folks,

I had a thought that I may need some help with. I'm offline quite a lot so forgive my absence. Luckily I have enough cameras to dedicate one to being stuck at a window.

This applies to only American readers ...

Weather Warnings to trigger Timelapse

To automate a timelapse of a weather event upon getting a weather warning.

The NOAA weather radios sometimes have a powered output to power a strobe light, so the hard of hearing don't miss a tornado warning (ironic but useful) ... I believe it gives out 3V or 5V at low current around 300mh. Would this be enough to trigger a script over the USB cable and how would I do that?

This is the user manual for my radio

Re: NOAA Weather Radio Trigger
« Reply #1 on: 19 / March / 2014, 16:58:14 »
That should work really well.  Your radio most likely puts out 3.6 to 4.5 V (from the three AA batteries). You will want to check it with a volt meter,  but most likely the tip if the 3.5mm plug will be positive and the sleeve will be negative.

Here's the wiki page for the USB remote :

USB Remote

You should be able to adapt this drawing from there pretty easily - just delete the switch and wire your radio up in place of the CR2032 Lithium battery :

Ported :   A1200    SD940   G10    Powershot N    G16


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