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script settings save and log

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script settings save and log
« on: 19 / April / 2008, 16:50:50 »
I think that was already kinda discussed here and there on different threads, and sorry if I created a new thread for that when maybe there is a place I could have posted that already...

I think it would be much handy to have the script settings logged (in a .txt or .log file on the card) each time you run a script. It would have in it the settings of the script as displayed in the script menus and the serie of pic taken with it. So you can compare the different settings afterwards.
Also this could work with a "save script settings" in the script menu. For exemple, if I have found working motion detection settings for shooting birds and other working settings for lightning I could save and load "bird settings" and "lightning settings" together with the script they work with.

Re: script settings save and log
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