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Help with exposure bracketing A620

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Help with exposure bracketing A620
« on: 19 / April / 2008, 21:30:15 »
Hi everyone:

I need some help with exposure bracketing.  I am using AllBest version 50 (the same issue arose when I used GrAnd as well).  Here it is:
I take 5 bracketed esposures (same issue if I take 7).  If I use DNG For Powershot-2 to get them into DNG file, when i view the DNG files (under either RawTherapee, Fastone Image Viewer, or XnView), they indeed look like different exposures.  The recorded JPEG also look like different exposures.
(1).  The CR2 original files exposed -2, -1, and 0 all look the same when viewed with RawTherapee or Fastone.
(2). If I use either Raw Therapee or Fastone Image Viewer to save these files as TIFF files, then the exposure -2, -1 and 0 of the TIFF files all look the same on my screen.  (For 7 exposures, -2, -1.33, -.66 and 0 all look the same).

Has anybody encounter such an issue before? How could it be that the DNG and JPEG files look the way they should while the CR2 original (and the TIFF that I generate) do not?

By the way, I use TuFusion to generate some pretty good pictures fusing different exposures as well as different focus at the same time.  Great program with ouput looking much better (to me) that the typical HDR pictures.

Thanks for the help, anyone.


Re: Help with exposure bracketing A620
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