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camera goes blank on USB connection

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Re: camera goes blank on USB connection
« Reply #10 on: 05 / April / 2014, 15:33:55 »
I set the camera to continuous [prop(102)] and did remoteshoot with cont=1 & then with cont=2
As you have discovered, this is your problem. Many propcases are "read only" in the sense that they don't change the camera state, although the value does get set. Because the value is set, remoteshoot *thinks* the camara is in continuous mode.

To actually set it to continuous mode, you need to use the canon settings menu.

Note that you can probably set it with the PTM_* functions but this is not currently supported in normal CHDK scripting.

2. In addition, I still (We've discussed it in another thread ) couldn't get to cleanly kill RemoteShooot instruction using "killscript"

I'm now working with the latest CHDK version and I still get weird behavior when killing the instruction.
If there is any tip you can give me that will be great.

If you can describe the "weird behavior", or link the specific post where you described it, I may be able to provide a more useful answer.  I'd rather search the forum to try to figure out what you are talking about.

In the meantime, a few points:
1) You should only use killscript with CHDK 1.3
2) You should be using chdkptp r511 or later. Used with chdk 1.3, this should handle the client going away more cleanly. If you just kill chdkptp, it should exit cleanly after remote capture times out.
3) If you kill the remote shoot script, remote shoot will still probably need to time out
4) If you are controlling chdkptp with some kind of external process, you might find rsint more useful, since you can quite remote shoot cleanly.
5) Alternatively, it would be fairly simple to modify remoteshoot to check the existence of a control file or something, and terminate when it appears or is removed.
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