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TX1 Porting Completed

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Re: TX1 Porting Completed
« Reply #90 on: 27 / December / 2009, 22:24:41 »
I haven't used MD for awhile, but I'll do some testing if you like.



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Re: TX1 Porting Completed
« Reply #91 on: 30 / December / 2009, 18:55:52 »
In the attached build, the screen closed state is NOT overridden, but is reported correctly to CHDK. This means (I think) that
1) MD will not work when the screen is closed.
2) flashlight mode will work. (all white screen when option is enabled and screen is opened and rotated)

If anyone can verify, that would be appreciated.

Another though, we could turn off the backlight when the screen is closed face in, which will save some power while leaving live view available for md etc.

Regarding an option to control whether the screen gets turned off, are there other cameras that would benefit from this ? It looks like the cameras that have electronic viewfinder (Sn, SXnn) don't need it, because the live view just switches to EVF when you close the screen. A6nn and G11 (when it's ported) might benefit, if the live view is disabled when the screen is closed.
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