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Media Destination Folder Toggle?

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Media Destination Folder Toggle?
« on: 24 / April / 2014, 16:49:48 »

I am very new at this...

I have successfully set up and can boot the latest CHDK build onto my Canon S100 (s100-101b-1.2.0-3418-full_BETA). I am using Mac OSX 10.8.5 so I had to refer to an older Mac script (chdk_prep.dmg) to partition the card for proper set up of Fat16 and Fat32 but I finally got it to work and can now use CHDK on the camera.

My problem is that by default it is putting new media recorded on the camera into the small partitioned Fat16 folder. After 1 photo it fills up the memory card. I have tried putting all of the CHDK files onto the other partition and have tried reformatting/re-partitioning the card and I cannot figure out how to correctly set it up so the new media records to the larger Fat32 partition.

Can anyone help me? I finally got this working and am very excited but I can't yield any results yet lol


Re: Media Destination Folder Toggle?
« Reply #1 on: 24 / April / 2014, 17:41:19 »
The S100 does not require dual paritions and in fact cannot use a card partitioned that way.  It will boot just fine from a single partition FAT32 formatted SD card.

Up-to-date installation instructions are here :

I'd suggest you use the STICK program linked a the top of the page.  It works for Macs, Linus and Windows computers.
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Re: Media Destination Folder Toggle?
« Reply #2 on: 25 / April / 2014, 04:13:29 »
Just a minor point to add. It would be best, before running STICK, to reformat the card in the camera (using Canon's format menu option). That will guarantee you start with a FAT32 single partition. I'm not sure that STICK will reformat for you when it sees a FAt16+FAT32 card (I should probably make sure it does).
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