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A3400is ALT mode

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A3400is ALT mode
« on: 09 / May / 2014, 15:54:08 »
hi, I'm new, but really new in this bussines. I have a powershot A3400IS
I've followed all the instructions in prepare your sd card using the Firmware Update Method ( http://chdk.wikia.com/wiki/Prepare_your_SD_card ), until the point 7.
Then there is no new elements on my screen. and I can't activate the chdk menu, because i can't find the "ALT" button?
Wich is the "ALT" button, or wich combination I should use?
Thaks for your help, im a little frustrated  :'(
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Re: A3400is ALT mode
« Reply #1 on: 09 / May / 2014, 15:57:24 »
Use the playback button to enter and exit ALT mode. Short press = ALT button, long press = original function.

Re: A3400is ALT mode
« Reply #2 on: 11 / May / 2014, 08:04:25 »
Once you have followed the previous instruction to get access to the CHDK Main menus, i recommend (personal preference) that once you have Alt on the screen, press the menu button, scroll down to CHDK settings, then scroll down to <alt> mode button and change it to 'help'.
In future you will press the question mark(help)  to activate Alt menu. I find this less confusing as it just seems more logical to me and as i operate many different powershots i tend to set them as similar as possible.
If you are having trouble in running CHDK in the first place don't forget to start your camera by pressing the playback button, not the power button. (unless you have set up your card to be bootable).


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